Because California is like nowhere else, we need treatment plans as special as the place we live in.  Crop Production Services understands the unique demands of farming on the Coast.  We offer a variety of innovative solutions to meet individual growers' needs.  We care deeply about sustaining California agriculture for future generations.  We have products and services to maximize your crop's potential now, and for the future.  Call your local Crop Production Services retail store to get custom, individualized support for your crops.
What We Do
  1. Consulting & Solutions
    Consulting & Solutions
    We have a team of Certified Crop Advisors, Pest Control Advisors, and an in-house Agronomist to help maximize your crops potential and find innovative solutions to your needs.
  2. Applications & Deliveries
    Applications & Deliveries
    Our services focus on your needs and we plan to continue to offer a package of quality products and superior services with custom blends, applications and deliveries.